Monday, February 9, 2009

The Simple Things In Life

It seems like it is hard for adults to slow down and look at the small things in life. We focus on big events, material things, mortgage payments and work promotions. While all of those things are great it is also nice to slow down and find small things that you enjoy.

Most of us will not win Nobel prizes or become CEO of a major company. Very few of us will star in a Broadway play or go on an international rock and roll tour. But the big things are not everything. We can still go for a walk on a beautiful sunny winter day or sit down to enjoy a really amazing slice of chocolate cake. Sometimes the small things are the best things in life.

Just watching your children will give you the inspiration you need to enjoy the small things. I watch my 2 year old and realize that life is about the simple things. It's about finding the perfectly shaped rock, watching the clouds float through the sky, seeing a squirrel climbing a tree or hearing a big truck coming up the road.

So take a few minutes tomorrow, look around and find the small things that make you happy and pay extra close attention to the things that make your kids happy. Those are the things you'll look back and smile about when they are 16 years old and begging you for the coolest car on the road.

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  1. It's the simple things... you're right. I experienced that yesterday when I watched my little one dance around and sing happy birthday to herself! Its a joy to know she is two but so hard to know that time has passed so quickly. So, as you mentioned, I try to find the joy in the little things with her, such as finding a snake in our back yard (aah!) listening to the birdies (tweet tweet mommy!) and watching her nurse her doll babies like mommy nurses her. Those are the little things that matter to me! :) Jennifer