Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lots of new diapers this week!

So it's been a good week for diapers in our house, lots of new things to try out! I'm just going to combine them all into one post to save time and space.

On the right is the Watermelong Bed Bug, Middle a Sposoeasy with snaps and left the bee fitted.

First we got some Holden's Landing diapers that I have been waiting on for almost 2 weeks. I must say, Bonnie was incredibly great to work with and for the price you can't beat a pretty much custom diaper. She has lots of options for her diapers. You can pick the fabrics you want, the type of diaper (fitted, all in 2 or Bedbug which is her nighttime diaper) the colors you want (she dyes each diaper however you want for no additional charge), embroidery, turned and topstitched or serged and even the snap colors. While the prices were slightly more than some other fitteds I think considering all the work she puts into them they are well worth it.

We got 2 of them, one is a 'Watermelon dyed' BedBug that is all OBV (organic bamboo velour) and the other is an organic cotton fitted that is dip dyed blue and yellow with a little bee embroidered on it. I was very impressed with both and they both fit Lila very well although a little bulkier than I usually prefer but with spring just around the corner they'll be great under dresses. And as a reminder fitted diapers will need some sort of waterproof cover if they are going to be in them for a while. I personally prefer wool. And here is a picture of Miss Lila sporting her bumblebee fitted.

We also got a Sposoeasy All in Two (AI2) diaper that I've been hearing a lot of buzz about. An AI2 is pretty much as simple as you can get cloth diapering. Everything comes together, there are no covers, no inserts, no stuffing pockets. In general I've never loved the AI2 diapers but this one had great reviews. I snatched it up from and with the coupon code newcustomer you get an extra 10% off. It's definitely not my favorite diaper but I do like that it's all natural fibers except the PUL outer. The fit wasn't spectacular on my little chubber but it wasn't bad either. I will say, if you have a husband who is scared of cloth diapers this would be a great diaper to have on hand when he changes diapers (if your husband actually changes diapers, mine doesn't).

We got 2 Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers this week as well. These are very sought after diapers and pretty hard to get, I was lucky that my fingers are quick enough to nab not one but two of them. I must say, I LOVE THIS DIAPER! It's super absorbant but also ridiculously trim. It is a fitted diaper but the neat thing with the BSRB is she doesn't put snaps on them which some people may not like but it makes the diaper incredibly adjustable so it should fit your little one from birth up until potty training. You can fasten this diaper with either a snappi or pins, whichever you prefer. I will definitely be stalking her site from now on trying to grab up a few more of these.

Another diaper we got was a Bohemian Babies, although I won't say much about this diaper since the store is closing (or possibly already closed) but we do like it a lot. If you can pick up an used one on for sale or trade somewhere I would definitely get it!

And finally we got a Rumparoo pocket diaper. This is probably one of my least favorite diapers but it is cute. It doesn't fit Lila very well right now but my toddler tried it on and it fit her well so I predict we will put it up for another year or so and then try it for Lila again. This is a pocket diaper though which means you you a waterproof outer and a stay dry inner with a pocket in it that you stuff with whatever you need (I use hemp inserts for extra absorbancy). If you like pocket diapers then this is a good way to go but I'm not really a huge pocket fan.

That is it, if you're counting that's 7 new diapers this week, I feel like my stash is nearing completion. I do have a few diapers I'm hoping to unload in the next few weeks so I can get more of what I really like.

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  1. We love, love, love our Holden's Landing dipes. Isn't Bonnie the best?