Saturday, January 17, 2009

Funstation 2000

So after almost 2 weeks of being cooped up in our house because of cold and lack of things to do I decided we had to get out and explore the world a little bit. After some deliberating we decided we would try out the soft play huge climbing tower thing at Funstation in Statesville (I have no idea what the technical name for that thing is). So we bundled up and headed out in the 11 degree weather to see if we could have some fun.

We met Paw Paw and Aunt Chelsea there and I have to say we were very impressed. We were the only customers there on a cold Friday afternoon so we had the place to ourselves. There were lots of arcade style games, a few little rides for the kids, laser tag, a little pizza restaurant and what looked like a billiard room. Oh, and of course the huge tower of plastic and foam to climb (seriously what is that thing called?).

Gwen had a ball though! The soft play thing was clean and she had free reign for the first several hours we were there. We climbed up the tower, we climbed down, we climbed back up, we slid down, and up again. Are you getting the picture? She got Aunt Chelsea in there with her for a while. It really was a great and cheap way to get some cooped up energy out of her. It was only $3 for the whole day for her and adults were free to go in with their kids.

We will definitely go back again soon, and next time bring daddy with us. I'm not sure how much climbing and sliding I have left in me.

So if you're in the Statesville area and looking for something fun to do on a chily day check out Funstation 2000. It's a great way to spend an afternoon and it's always great to support our local businesses!

Motherhood qualified me to let the child within come out and play. - Christy Borgeld

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