Friday, January 9, 2009

MoonDance Soaps

I love to support local small businesses and this is one that I am more than happy to support. I had actually never even heard of MoonDance Soaps before my second daughter was born. I got a tiny little sample size Babies 1st Soap in my discharge bag from the Birth Center in Chapel Hill. I gave it a try for Lila's first bath and loved it immediately.

They have 3 different types of Babies 1st Soap: lavender, unscented and calendula. My personal favorite is lavender. I love how it makes my girls have just a tiny scent but not the overpowering smell of typical baby washes. I love that it has no mineral oil, petroleum jelly or sodium lauryl sulfate in it and my girls come out of the bath with nice soft skin.

At my 2 weeks post partem checkup I hit the boutique and got several more bars of soap and a few of their other products to try and they really are all great. I have since been ordering from their site

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