Thursday, October 22, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

As I was going through our budget recently and checking back over the bank statements I was floored with how often we have made trips through the drive through in the last month or two. I have no idea how that happened. Not long ago we NEVER ate fast food and now the girls and I are going 4 or 5 days a week (sometimes more)! When I think of the money spent and all the crap that has gone through our bodies in that time, well I'm a bit nauseous thinking about it.

So no more, I am putting us on a 30 day challenge. We will not be eating out, at all, for the next 30 days. Starting tomorrow and ending November 21. I think that's 30 days at least, it's been a long day! There will be one exception and that will be for the husband's birthday when we usually go out with the extended family. I doubt I can talk them all into staying in.

So we will be eating at home for every meal and snack, on a budget and as healthy as possible. I will post my weekly (or maybe daily if I really turn around on this blogging thing) menu as well as my grocery list and amount spent every 2 weeks (how often we shop) and I'm hoping for a big turn around both in our pocket books and the way we feel. Stay tuned to see if we are big fat cheaters!


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  2. Good for you! (I found your site through TMs) And maybe it will help you stick with it to not forget it's a "green" decision too! Animal agriculture takes such a toll on the planet--growing the corn, methane "emissions" from the cows ;), trucking fuel, etc. Buying local and cooking at home helps the planet, our health, and our wallets! Eating out can be good too, IF we find small/local restaurants who have seasonal menus and use local produce! Here's an article along those lines:

  3. Good luck with your 30 days. I've noticed our fast food trips becoming more frequent also and I have been hoping challenge myself and family to cut out the fast food during the Month of November.

    (your blog was found through TM)