Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giggles and Grins

I believe most mamas can agree with me that it is almost heart breaking to see our tiny squishy babies become inquisitive toddlers and then defiant preschoolers it is also amazing to see their little personalities develop. Today was one of those days where I just had to step back and watch my two beautiful girls interact.

After spending the last 2 days inside due to the rain I believe we were all feeling a little stir crazy and getting on each others nerves a little bit. I had tried all my old favorites and was running low on entertainment ideas and then I thought we'd give hide and seek a try. Two hours later we had all had a great time, laughed until our bellies hurt and we were ready to cuddle up in bed and watch a princess movie.

But during those 2 hours of hide and seek it was so much fun to see the way my girls interacted. The way Gwen took pride in covering her little eyes (with her fingers spread wide open so she could still see) and counting to 5 (or 1, 2 3, 5, 7, 6,) and then shouting "Ready or not, here we come". Then hearing her quick heavy footsteps running down the hall and Lila's little bare feet pitter pattering right after hre big sister. Hearing Gwen shout "I found you" and then having Lila run up behind her with her arms straight up in the air, stomping her little feet and turning around in circles while she squealed with victory.

It was a great time and it's little times like that, times when we aren't out doing something special and exciting but just enjoying each other that I hope my girls look back on and remember when they are older. As for me, those two growing little girls are my babies and those two beautiful babies are cuddled up with each other in bed right now. I intend on going and joining them and enjoying those little chubby feet pressed up against my legs or the arm that will undoubtly be sprawled out across my face by the end of the night. The simple things are the things that are the biggest blessing.

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