Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kicking Back

I love my girls more than anything but all of you parents and especially those stay at home parents out there know that every once in a while it's nice to have a little time. When my husband offered to take the kids out for a run a bit ago I jumped at it realizing it would give me the chance to eat my dinner with no little hands reaching on my plate and maybe even polish off a glass or two of wine. Dinner tonight is certainly not fancy but it is mostly fresh. We had deviled chicken which is just a recipe I stumbled upon on another posting

Very good and most importantly super easy and quick. I of course had to add something to it. Instead of breadcrumbs I used a combo of wheat germ and milled flax seed. We also had creamed spinach made with fresh from the farmer's market spinach and soy milk and finally some sliced home grown tomatoes. Like I said nothing fancy but easy and pretty healthy.

We had a great day today that started off with a La Leche League meeting. No day can be bad when it starts with a La Leche meeting. There is something really special about getting together with likeminded mama's who share the same values in regards to pregnancy, birth, and parenting. I ventured down to Statesville for the meeting and while it is a small group I am impressed with the closeness of them. I do encourage any past, present or future breastfeeding mama's to check out your local La Leche League meetings.

Other than our breastfeeding meeting we spent the day with grandma and just relaxing and of course now the girls are out on a run with Jeff while I finish my first glass of wine and watch crap tv. Sometimes you just need to sit on the couch and watch bad tv it's a right every person should be able to experience occasionally.

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