Tuesday, July 7, 2009


All of you parents of two kids know that you can't talk about one without talking about the other a bit. In case you are a bit confused we did not name our baby YaYa but YaYa very much fits her. Gwendalyn started calling Lila 'Yaya' and I find myself letting it slip occasionally. Not to mention the fact that you'll often hear a little 'YaYa' coming out of her own mouth.

So some little things about my baby.

-She never sits down, NEVER. This girl goes all the time. Whether it is 4 am or 2 in the afternoon she is wiggling, moving, crawling trying to explore. She has such a desire to see the world and not miss a single thing and she must keep up with big sister.
-Lila is trying so hard to walk. We have seen a few random steps but no steady walking yet. We suspect she is just going to take off one day and never look back.
-Lila is a biter. Not necessarily a good thing but if she is able to get anything in her mouth she will bite it and bite it hard.
-Much like big sister always has been Lila likes being naked. Just last night I was trying to convince a 9 month old to kee her diaper on at 4 am. I lost.

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